Volume 10: Fossil Reptiles of Great Britain — Chapter 06

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Figure 6.1
Distribution of British Bathonian tetrapod localities. Dorset: Long Burton (1), Watton Cliff (1a), Swyre (1b); Somerset: Closworth (2); Avon: Bath (3); Wiltshire: Avoncliff (4), Bradford-on-Avon (5), Frankley (6), Box Tunnel (7), Atford (8), Malmesbury (9), Leigh Delamere (9a); Gloucestershire: Minchinhampton (10), Sapperton Tunnel (11), Avening (12), Cirencester (13), Tarlton Clay Pit (13a), Sevenhampton (14), Chedworth (15), Stanton (16), Bibury (17), Naunton (18), Kyneton Thorns (19), Huntsman’s Quarry (20), Eyeford (21), New Park Quarry (22), Oakham (23), Longborough Road Quarry (24); Oxfordshire: Chipping Norton (25), Sarsden (26), Over Norton (27), Sharp’s Hill (28), Temple Mills Quarry (29), Enstone (30), Stonesfield (31), Slape Hill (32), Glympton (33), Bladon (34), Hanborough (35), Enslow Bridge (36), Bletchingdon Station (37), Shipton Quarry (38), Kirtlington (39), Hampton Common (40), Fritwell (41), Littlemore (42), Woodeaton (43), Ardley (44), Stratton Audley (45); Buckinghamshire: Stony Stratford (46), Olney (47); Northamptonshire: Blisworth (48), Cogenhoe (49), Northampton (50), Kingsthorpe (51), Rushden (52), Thrapston (53), Ilchester (54), Oundle (55); Leicestershire: Essendine (56), Belmesthorpe (57); Cambridgeshire: Peterborough (58), Botolph’s Bridge (59), Orton Longueville, Peterborough (60), Stilton (61); Yorkshire: Scarborough (62); Hebrides: Eigg (63), Muck (64), Elgol, Skye (65a, b), Bearreraig, Skye (66). Based on information in Evans and Milner (in press), Metcalf et al. (1992), and original.

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Figure 6.2
Stratigraphy of the British Bathonian (after Cope et al., 1980b), with ages of the localities listed in Figure 6.1 indicated.

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Figure 6.3
Hugh MillerÂ’s Bone Bed on Eigg, showing collecting operations in 1972. (Photo: R.J.G. Savage.)

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Figure 6.4
Exposure of the Chipping Norton Limestone Member in New Park Quarry. Reptile bones were recovered from the top of the underlying Hook Norton Limestone Member, in the floor of the quarry. (Photo: M.J. Benton.)

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Figure 6.5
Scene in Early Bathonian times, showing a small lake in Gloucestershire surrounded by seed ferns and conifers. Fishes (Lepidotus) live in the water, and frogs (Eodiscoglossus) disport themselves around the sides. Dinosaurs include some of the earliest stegosaurs and maniraptorans (?), plated and small carnivorous dinosaurs respectively. A carcass of the large sauropod, Cetiosaurus, is rotting in the water, and Megalosaurus scavenges. Lizard-like animals, crocodiles, pterosaurs, mammals and tritylodont mammal-like reptiles complete the scene. Based on a restoration painting by Pam Baldaro, showing the scene at Hornsleasow Quarry, Gloucestershire. Reproduced with permission of the University of Bristol.

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Figure 6.6
The Stonesfield Slate mines. Map based on ground surveys and studies of historical records by Aston (1974).

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Figure 6.7
View of the entrance to an adit at Stonesfield, re-opened in 1980 in an operation funded by the Nature Conservancy Council. (Photo: W.A. Wimbledon.)

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Figure 6.8
Bathonian reptiles from Stonesfield. (A) The rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur Rhamphocephalus bucklandi (Meyer, 1832), anterior part of the lower jaw; (B) the type specimen of Megalosaurus bucklandi Meyer, 1832, a partial lower jaw, seen from the inside; (C) Stereognathus ooliticus Charlesworth, 1855, reconstructed right upper molar, showing posterior and crown views. (A) After Wellnhofer (1978); (B) after Buckland (1824); (C) after Simpson 1928).

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Figure 6.9
Exposure of the Eyford Member, or ‘Cotswolds Slates’, at Huntsman’s Quarry. Reptiles occur as isolated bones at various levels in the succession. (Photo: M.J. Benton.)

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Figure 6.10
The quarries around Shipton-on-Cherwell. Up to seven quarries (detailed in the text) appear to have yielded fossil reptiles from the White Limestone and the Forest Marble formations. Based on old Ordnance Survey maps.

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Figure 6.11
Bathonian reptiles from Shipton-on-Cherwell. (A) The crocodile Steneosaurus boutilieri Deslongchamps, 1869, skull in dorsal and ventral views; (B) the stegosaur Lexovisaurus vetustus Huene, 1910, right femur in lateral and anterior views.

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Figure 6.12
Bathonian amphibians and reptiles from Kirtlington Old Cementworks Quarry. (A) The frog Eodiscoglossus oxoniensis Evans, Milner, and Mussett, 1990, right maxilla in medial view; (B) the salamander Marmorerpeton kermacki Evans et al., 1988, atlantal centrum in ventral and anterior views; (C) the lepidosauromorph Marmoretta oxoniensis Evans, 1991, reconstructed skull in lateral and dorsal views; (D) the choristodere Cteniogenys oxoniensis Evans 1990, reconstructed skull in dorsal view; teeth of: (E) rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur; (F) pterodactyloid pterosaur; (G) goniopholidid crocodile; (H) atoposaurid crocodile; (I) fabrosaurid dinosaur; (J) megalosaurid dinosaur; (K) maniraptoran dinosaur. All after Evans and Milner (in press).

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